Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wow ...November is here....

Well here it is Nov. 2008. Time is flying by so fast. Kenny and Norm went back out hunting with no luck but had a good time and enjoyed hunting season.

I went to Odgen yesterday with Mom and Dad.We went for Quinns baptism. Stephen, Laurie and the kids were there also.It was great to see everyone.It was a very nice day and we had a great lunch at Richard and Jennys after. The weather was great.

We had a good Halloween also.Allot of cute and scary kids. I had the grand kids and The Barkers as my only trick or treaters.

We got family pictures taken of the Hammonds and Georges , I need to get the Olers and Gardners to hold still for some too.

Heidi and Sam spent the weekend moving in to their new house.I'm sure they will enjoy having their own home. Shylo and Marcus spent the weekend with the Oler family for Marcus's Grandma Hebbdon's funereal. Alexis has a ear infection and sinus infection poor little duck. Kate has a bad cold also I guess it is the season. We got some much needed rain last night and today. Added We vote for a next president of the United States this week. I know the one I definitely don't want in and the other is questionable.

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The Freeman's said...

Clint and I were wondering if you would be willing to take our family pictures for us?