Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Married for 29 years.....WOW

Well we just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. Time has really gone by fast. We went to Jackson Hole Wyoming on Saturday and spent the night at Snow King lodge.

We had fun walking around Jackson and looking at all the expensive things they have to offer. Like fur and leather coats for the rich and famous or art that you couldn't pay me to hang in my house. Granted I would like the chance to walk in to the stores and not look at the price and just buy it because I like it.

Targee has snow but Jackson is running their snow making machines trying to get some snow. We drove outside of Jackson to take some pictures of the Tetons

and saw 18 bull elk all together. They were all 5&6 point bulls.

It was cool to watch them. We also saw some swans.

We stopped at Swan Valley and had one of the famous square Ice Cream cones. It was beautiful weather.

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