Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A beautiful Day...

Well it was a beautiful day for Oct.28. I worked then came home and mowed the lawn one of my favorite things to do,then went on a 4 mile bike ride. Then did another favorite thing by setting on my swing on the front porch and doing a crossword puzzle.Richard Jenny and the kids came and visited this weekend it was great to see them.

We got all the apples picked on the weekend also we got about 600lbs this year.

Kenny got back from hunting and was empty handed but he and Norman had a great time.
They always have fun and have good stories to tell when they get back. They will go back out this weekend for one last try.

Marcus's Grandma Hebbdon died last night. She was a very sweet lady and will be missed.She has left behind many great people,but Shylo said she is now taking care of all the little ones in heaven.
Mom,Dad & I are going to Ogden this weekend because Quin will get baptized.Well thats it for today.

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