Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgivivg came and went very quickly. All except for the extra weight we all put on by eating so much. We were very blessed to have so much great food and great company. We had all ages there from Grandma Gheen who is 96 to Christian who is 1. Grandma didn't use her walker to much but Christian loved pushing it all around and climbing on it. Grandma Gheen ,my folks, Curt, Diane, Stephen ,Laurie & their kids, Kate, Brian & their kids,Shylo,Marcus,Sam ,Heidi ,Kenny and I were all over to the church to celebrate. Twenty three all together. Kim,Danny and the girls were with the Georges and Richard & Jenny in Idaho Falls with Jennies family. We all met at our house on that night and thanks to Jenny we were able to decorate ginger bread houses.

We had a blast visiting and decorating while Sam, Brian, Marcus, Danny & Kenny all played a game of Risk, which Kenny won. Kathy & Bob spent their day looking for a friend of Bobs who got lost while hunting. Thankfully he was found and was ok. Kathy said they will have their T-day on friday. Kylee and Alexis spent t-day night with us so Kim and Danny could go shopping at 4:00 am for all the good Black Friday sales. The girls were really good .

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