Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dec. 6,2008

In just a few short days Christmas will be here. It is crazy how fast this year has gone by. We have all been very blessed.

We celebrated Michales third birthday after Thanksgiving. He got all kinds of neat things and had fun.

This last week was busy but fun. we got some Christmas stuff delivered. Then Monday night we went to Danny's indoor soccer game in Idaho Falls.They had a tie game this week and Danny played, keep at the goal. He did a great job but his elbows and knees had allot of burns on them from the turf. He has two good cheerleaders in Kylee and Alexis. Tuesday night Kenny had young men's and they made gingerbread houses to deliver this next week.Wednesday night we went out to a concert at the Snake River high school because Brian was playing in the orchestra.It was really good and allot of talented people. Kate and the kids sat in the balcony and when the orchestra played songs from Grease I guess Michael put on his own little dance show. He is quite the little dancer.I'm so glad music plays such a big part in their lives. On Thursday night we went to Katie and Nicholas school Christmas program. They did a great job.

Nicholas looked so handsome in his blue shirt and tie,

and Katie got to be the GPS girl to help Santa find his way.The kids are all growing up so fast. I'm glad they all live close to us. I'm sure I would be lost without them.

I am watching Michael and Christian for awhile today so Kate,Brian,Katie & Nichaols can go in and donate service at the Desert Industries for their ward. They st a good example for us all.

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