Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mom & Dad Sandau

Well Mom and Dad closed up the cabin and are home for the winter. We got a snow storm here in the valley, so they decided not to push there luck in the mountians. It is hard for them to close things up but they had a great summer there.

Here are Kim,Danny Alexis And Kylee

This is Lucy one of Mom and Dad's local pets. They are beautiful this time of year.

These are some fish Mom,Dad Curt &; Diane caught on Henerys lake a few day's ago. This is the way fishing should be.

Here are Mom & Dad Sandau with a few nice fish.

They are Mom and Dad to Kathy,Stephen,Ricahrd & I, But Grandma & Grandpa to Kaylynn,Kim,Shylo,Heidi,Paul,Benny,Elise,Matthew,Jenna,Peter, Erica, Austin & Quniten,and also Great Grandma & Grandpa to Katie,Nicholas,Michael,Christen,Kylee,Alexis,Wyatt & Ayvah.
I'm glad we live so close to Mom and Dad. My children and grandchildren also love to be close. Kim brought out one of her great lasagnas last night for dinner and then Danny & Kenny laid down some gym floor in the excerise room and then put up the our new Bow Flex. Kenny and I are going to try and get in shape for our cruise. We will see if that happens. We appricate Danny's help and Kim's good food. Kim called a little while ago and was very upset with Alexis, because she took a green and blue marker and wrote on their new furniture and carpet which wasn't scotch gaurded yet. Lexy Lu some day they will look back and laugh but not yet... Kate Brian and the kids spent the day in Rexburg with Brians family for a baptisam, Shylo picked 4 buckets of tomatoes before they froze out to Olers. Mom ,Dad Kate,Shylo,Heidi & I took flowers out to Grandma Hopkins grave site tonight it would of been her birthday today.Well it is snowing again outside.This will set potato harvest back a little. We are suppose to be cold for a few day's.

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