Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great Family

Well last night all my family came out and gave me my Mothers Day gift... I had told them I didn't need anything but their time and hard work.. So that's what I got.. they all came out and cut branches, picked rocks, pulled stumps and had a rock throwing contest...Which caused a few aches and pains...Marcus took a tumble because of Kenny's driving and Marcus riding a gate....He is OK and the guys got a good laugh about it.... I was blessed to be able to stay in the house and hold the two precious babies.. Colton & Elizabeth... They already have such different personalities....Christian kept us company also inside.. Aw to have his energy and those big blue eyes that tell you everything.... and keep you from getting to mad at him.... We all ate dinner together because everyone brought stuff..... No one left hungry... We are almost ready to plant lawn out by the road now with all the help.... I can never tell you all how blessed I feel to have all my family so close to me and for the joy and happiness they bring into my life.... The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent down all these great people to my life... I am very proud of each one of my children and their families.... Kenny and I would be lost without them...

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