Sunday, March 15, 2009

The BIG 50

Well Shylo keeps telling me I haven't written for awhile so I need to keep up on it. Kenny celebrated his 5oth birthday on the 12th. With Shylos help we decorated his office with black balloons and a prune bouquet and a cake and some banners.Heidi painted the windows on his truck with the BIG 50 and happy birthday and put black balloons in his truck. She also had the coop put HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY KENNY JENSEN withe a picture of the grim reaper on it. I made posters and hung up all over tyhe Coop that said WANTED MY YOUTH BACK and it had a picture of Kenny from our wedding on it. He had a pretty good day except for shocking him self when checking 480 volt power on a motor. It scared him pretty good. I took him out to dinner at the Texas Road house that night. We celebrated Kenny's bday and Brians bday tonight with everyone. Brian's bday is on the 18th. The guys all went ice fishing on saturday at Chesterfield. They had a fun time and all caught fish.The girls and I spent the day together and split up some pancake mix and bisquit mix I had bought. Shylo had her apendix out in the middle of the night on the 7th. She is doing ok now and seems to be healing up ok. She has been having a lot of stomach problems I hope this helps her out. Heidi and Tara Johnson sang in our ward today and Kaylynn played for them. They sang the olive tree. It was very pretty and sounded good. Kim and Kate are both doing ok very pregnant. Kim is due the 15th of April and Kate on June 1st. Kelly is expecting and has been very sick... Kathy said that Wyatt asked Kelly if she was trying to puke the baby out.... what a card... but he is only 4. We are feeling a little spring in the air and it's great. Here are a few pictures from the last little while. Included are the pictures of the great ceder chest my Dad made for me. Mom has been busy making hot pads which I was lucky enough to get some of. We have had a couple eagles in our trees and also Kenny and I went for a ride to the Alpine elk refuge last Saturday...Thats all for now... Ya happy Shylo... Ha Ha

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