Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter & Wolverine

Well it is now Feb. 2009, where did Jan. go? The guys went Ice fishing last Saturday and got a few bites but no fish. They had fun and it was a day away. The girls all met out here and scrap booked or sewed. The grand kids built a snowman & played in the snow. They had fun. Kenny & I went for a ride up Wolverine yesterday and saw quite a few deer. It was cool to watch them all. Our big count down is on. We catch the plane to Miami Florida next Saturday and should be on ship by this time next week. We are sailing Freedom of the Seas for Royal Caribbean. We are both really excited. We have everyone coming out tonight except Kim & Danny to have a non super bowl party. We will watch the commericals not of the game. Richard & Jenny are even going to stop by on their way back to Ogden. Kim & Danny went to Caldwell this weekend to visit Danny's sister.

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