Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan. 11 2009

This last week was a bad one at work for some. They announced lay off’s companywide and also that they were going to close the Plover plant in 2009. Before Christmas they announced that Shelly plant would be closing some lines. This economy has really been bad; I can only pray that the change that President elect Obahama has promised will help us out of this recession. It is a scary time for all. I was able to keep my job but will take on more responsibilities and have the same pay. I will now have Idaho Falls payroll to do weekly.
Kenny and I are getting very excited for our cruise that we will be going on Feb. 7th. Norm and Leann Bird are going with us. We will fly from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake, then to Atlanta Georgia, to Miami, Florida then boars the Royal Carrabin to San Juan, Porta Rico, St Thomas and St Maartan. It will be a great experience. We have been exercising and tanning to try and get these old bodies somewhat presentable. I am nervous about catching the flights and the weather but to too have faith that things will be ok.
Kenny is a church right now. I started getting sick on Thursday and have a sinus infection and cold. Our weather today is cool & breezy. I’m just starting to get my voice back a little.
The kids all seem to be doing fine. They too have had some colds and the flu but are ok. Kim and Kate’s pregnancies seem to be going ok. They are concerned with Kate somewhat because of all the problems she had last time. I hope it will all go ok. Kylee and Michael started preschool this week. They were both very excited. Shylo is working a lot and still wanting a baby. She is going to try and go to a specialist and see if they can help her carry a baby all the way through. She and Marcus will make good parents when the time comes. Heidi is working full time at Blackers and thinking about a part time job because Sam is on unemployment for the winter.
Grandma Gheen is at the Willows. Her memory is getting worse and she only knew who Mom, Dad, Kenny and I were at Christmas. She gets upset and cries when we go to leave after visits. I can’t imagine how hard it is for her.
Kenny’s parents are doing ok. His mom won’t go out of the house except to feed the cats. His dad is ok he has trouble getting around. He will be 82 on Jan.18th.

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